This innovative technology is exclusive to Motique in the UK.  Three dimensional, flexible or rigid badging is created using this advanced method; from simple coloured shapes to complex, embossed contours with fine detailing. Often using a metallic finish, this process offers a cost-effective alternative to injection moulding. It is versatile with the ability to print and texturise the badge surface and delivers a high definition, premium product.

Ideal for both interior and exterior badging, Eco Badge offers a solution which is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly hardwearing, ensuring your branding will stand out for years to come.

Resin Badging

Used extensively throughout many industrial sectors, from household and white goods to breweries and retail POS, resin badges are extremely durable and remain of high quality for a substantial period of time. Uses include badges, labels and nameplates.

By pouring a controlled layer of clear, non-yellowing polyurethane over the print area, we create an eye-catching 3D doming effect, sometimes called a bubble badge or a resin badge.

The finished product will not fade or crack and can be very long lasting, therefore providing the perfect solution for products with heavy usage, both for indoor and outdoor environments. Along with adding depth and vibrancy to your branding, these badges are very flexible and can be applied to both convex and semi-rigid surfaces.